Something Sacred Calls to be Remembered

Like many artists of the past who were mystics and dreamers, Claudia Connelly reaches to communicate some elusive sense of the Goddess who has long dwelt in misty worlds and mythic lands. Though many forgot her existense she has always been there, reachable through the heart, intuition, inspiration, inner knowing and distant memory -- through mysticism, soulful reverie and prayer.  Increasingly her presence is being felt as she slowly emerges from the mists that have enshrouded her for so very long. Have you been feeling her sacred call too?

At the age of 46 I had a profound mystical experience as I stood alone in the Uffizi Gallery before Sandro Botticelli's masterpiece The Birth of Venus. Like many mystical experiences, mine was hard to define or put into words, but I returned infused with the inspiration to begin my own original painting.