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Mine has been a meandering and circuitous route, often feeling lost in a mist as I followed the promptings of Soul and the unfolding of circumstance, or I doubted myself and drew back. With wisdom’s hindsight I can see that I was never truly off course but driven or pulled by a deep desire to find hidden truths and the purpose of life.  On a mission to make sense of life and how I fit in, I eventually realized that I was locating lost or unnoticed pieces of Authentic Self. Bit by bit along the way of a solitary path with few fellow travelers, my disparate parts and experiences began to knit together into a rich tapestry that I am still exploring and weaving today.

With that gathering of Self I have drawn together my resources and, co-created with Sophia to develop a sacred and personal touchstone. It was created for both myself and others to draw down the inspiration and guidance that has always been available to us from Sophia. With wisdom’s hindsight, I came to see that all along I have been deftly guided by my very own intelligent divine plan!

Artist & Mystic

Artist, channel & Author -- Latest Co-Creation with Sophia



I was recently asked to list my credentials.  I wasn't  sure how to respond and as I looked  back over my life I realized that just about all that I have learned of real value, I sourced from myself.  The Universe simply provided me with the circumstances and inspired me toward a goal. And I either took advantage of that with my focus and determination….or I seized up and missed the opportunity. So, I pondered, what are my credentials?

I wondered, could it be that I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology as a children’s wear design major? Or that I started teaching myself to paint at 46? That I have shown my art in Spain and Santa Fe? That my images have been featured on book covers, cards, calendars, etc.? Or that I have been searching for Self for over 35 years, journeyed into over 200 past lives, realms, life between life and more?  Maybe it is that I am an intuitive, an empath, a tarot reader?  That I am a new but avid student of soul-based Diamond Astrology? Is it that I have been the owner of a metaphysical bookstore? Or is it that, through my years of soulful sifting and searching, I have followed a thread to the core of my very purpose – to remember a sacred promise I had made to the Goddess Sophia that I would one day remember Her? ... And then share that with others so that they can remember Her too? Most likely it is the synergy of all those pieces, and more.

Claudia Connelly

As I began my first painting, I was surprised when the woman in the picture began to insist that I change her hair color, then her clothing and finally, her setting. By the time I had finished the painting it had named itself 'Sacred Promise' and I knew it had something to do with a promise I had made long ago. But who was the mysterious woman, I wondered...and what had I promised? She had left me with a clue -- something about a pink rose. As time unfolded, I gradually discovered her mystery and began to understand that my paintings hold a message of the Grail.


For the most part I prefer to leave the meaning of my work up to the imagination of the viewer. Words and descriptions are left-brained and I believe my paintings are best approached through heart and intuition. My process is more akin to a spiral and I often get a sense of diving in and out of the canvas in what might be described a shamanic fashion. On the edge of mysticism, I often feel as if I am composing a love letter. Though the end results always fall far short of the divine thing I am compelled to try and express, my hope is that the images can, nonetheless, go out into the world in their imperfect form and still speak on multi-levels and in different ways, somehow touching the beholder.


I feel a special kinship to painters of the past who I gratefully consider my teachers. I am always moved by the mastery of Sandro Botticelli, Edward Burne-Jones, John Waterhouse, Margaret McDonald and John Duncan, among others. Those mystics and dreamers were striving, too, to communicate some elusive sense of the Goddess who can only be reached by touching into the misty realms and mythic lands.