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Tarot Readings

Each psychic, each tarot reader, is able to access slightly different information. Over the years I have come to realize that my readings tap into the important changes that we can make in our lives to bring us more into alignment with our Soul's Journey or our Higher Self's vision for us (See "What Is the Higher Self?" below). All readings are done with the expectation that the answers given will provide life-altering information, providing new solutions or offering clearer direction to the questioner's life.

We will begin the session with a conversation about what you would like to know, the current concerns and important events in your life. To assure the best tarot reading possible, it is always important to have a question worded carefully so that the guidance from Higher Self can be clearly interpreted. As we talk, together we come up with the best questions possible, encompassing all of the most important related concerns. Often, during this important intial part of the reading, new or more important questions emerge that had not been considered.

After finding the focus for the reading, ten cards are selected and laid out using the Celtic Cross. Depending on the circumstances and the complexity of a situation, I use up to three or four Celtic Cross spreads at one time and I find that all of the cards being displayed at once play off of each other, further defining solutions, uncovering information or underscoring the importance of messages. Though it may appear from this description that only one or so questions are asked, much information is given, covering many connected threads to each main question and additional questions come up that are answered through the spread. The process is interactive--you can jump in to ask questions or make comments as the spread is interpreted. Additional information comes through intuitively as well.

Each reading is unique. I can also access internal information through intuition and connection to my Higher Self and to the client's Higher Self through mine. Some questions can be better answered in this way. Often information about past lives, childhood experiences relating to the focus of the reading will be given as well as additional information for positive future growth. Readings often involve a combination of reading a Tarot spread or two and then separately accessing information directly from my Higher Self. Usually it becomes apparent during the intitial discussion how to best go forward with a reading, but sometimes the direction unfolds organically in the process of seeking. I always remain open to the path of the process being guided by higher forces, for most informed answers.

Sometimes I wonder if my readings should come with a warning--For Spiritual Warriors Only! Often the readings cut to the truth or to information that your Higher Self very much wants you to hear--always, in order to bring your life more into alignment with Soul/Spirit. This can be information that does not produce warm fuzzies. Instead, it may provoke a response more like, "I wouldn't mind doing anything for my personal growth.....except for THAT!" I always deliver these messages knowing that to be aware of the truth gives us one very powerful advantage. For, it really is the truth that can set us free. To stay in denial might temporarily feel better but, in the long run, it keeps us going round and round in our personal traps.

If there is "bad news" given in a reading, then the good news is that there is also always a solution spelled out too. And the solution points the way to creating a more positive future--a future more in alignment with your Higher Self's dream for you. It is this positive use of the Tarot that interests me and drives me to be the conduit to seek empowering spiritual information for others.

Generally speaking, a Tarot spread will show you the subltle energy lines that are already in play, creating your future over the next six-month period. Many of these energies or vibrations are generated from the subconscious level, hidden from our conscious view. The Tarot is a tool that can show us our deep subconscious beliefs that blend with our conscious thoughts and desires to become the creation we call our daily lives. If we do not like the direction that the Tarot shows that our lives are moving, with our newfound awareness we can make conscious changes to creative a better future. Be informed, know yourself more deeply so that you can make wise choices that generate positive outcomes.



What is Higher Self?


Higher Self is a word used to describe a spiritual aspect of ourselves that is greater than our physical selves, greater even than our Soul and Spirt. Related to the 12th Chakra, it holds the vibration from which the individual's Soul and Spirit is created. Though we have even higher levels of Self, the Higher Self is the highest level that we can interact with while dwelling in third dimension.

From an elevated vantage point our Higher Self interfaces with higher and lower dimensions and can 'see' our future and our past as it accesses all of our subconscious and unconscious information. Visualize the Higher Self as being at the very tip of the mast of a ship, the ship representing the lifetime. From this highest vantage point, the most information possible can be obtained and, as a result, the ship/lifetime can most successfully be navigated through ever-changing waters ahead.

As the spiritual overseer of all in each third-dimensional lifetime, including the overseeing of Soul and Spirit, the Higher Self holds a blueprint or vision for our highest path (best current route to Self). If we can connect to and communicate with our Higher Self through the inner senses, the Higher Self can guide us more easily to unfold our greatest possible spiritual growth. It is for this reason that information coming from Higher Self is extremely valuable.

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