Water Priestess Card w Words  96

MORE THAN ORACLE CARDS, through these 52 cards Sophia’s myth is told, and she explains her tripart nature spanning from her highest form as Celestial Sophia (Creator God), to Sophia as World Soul and, finally, to Gaia (Sophia in the form of Earth herself).  When Sophia dreamed Humanity into being, she created an energetic light connection between herself and each of us so that we would always carry the ability to communicate directly with her. These cards encourage us to reconnect and begin working with Sophia’s organic light. Welcome to her world of Beauty, Truth and Love!

THESE CARDS ARE for anyone who KNOWS that we are meant to be living in a more benevolent world where Truth, Love and Beauty are held in highest esteem. They were co-created to gently reintroduce you to Sophia, for you knew her well in times past. As you become familiar with her radiant organic light once again, she will guide you to find yourself more fully so that you can live fully who you are. The only way to do that is it to discover and unfold the truest expression of You. It is what you had planned for this lifetime. If we were all living in the fullness of who we are, surely, we would find ourselves in a world of Truth, Love and Beauty, endlessly joyful in our creative exploration -- just as Sophia had intended us to do from the very start.

The Gnostics left us their ancient knowledge of our planet, solar system and the cosmos. According to their writings Sophia was one of the many creator Gods who reside in the Pleroma located in the center of the constellation called Orion. It was there that Sophia began to dream her dream of a planet rich in abundance and beauty, harmonious with the cosmos and its divine laws. She blew a sacred bubble and began to lovingly fill it with a diversity of form, color and life that had never been conceived before.

In wonderment at what was unfolding before her, she became ever more absorbed and connected to her dream, for she was dreaming her creation into being.  Her growing expression of love, beauty, harmony through the possibility of endless creativity within the creation itself became a passion that consumed her focus. So mesmerized was she by what she beheld, she momentarily lost her focus, her balance, and slipped from her lofty world to fall into matter and densify into the form of Earth herself, Gaia.

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